We stock Knitwear from a huge range of highly respected brands. If you are looking for a wide choice pop in today.
Only the finest quality wool from the best pedigree sheep are used in our lambswool items. Geelong wool is made up from fine micron fibres that come from the first clip of specially bred Australian lambs. This makes Geelong ideal for lighter weight woollen garments.
Merino wool is fine and soft. This natural fibre comes from Australian sheep and is worsted spun by premier Italian spinners. It is an active fibre that reacts to the changes in body temperature, so it helps you stay warm when the weather is cold and cool when the weather is hot. Merino fibres can also absorb a large quantity of moisture making it a very comfortable and breathable garment to wear.
Cashmere - the King of Fibres, is unparalleled in luxury, warmth, softness and durability. In Scotland, the cashmere fibres that were combed from the mountain goats of China and Mongolia, are washed in the soft Scottish waters before being turned into pure luxury garments using the skills and knowledge learnt from generations that have gone before.

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